RH takes a strategic approach to all the communications campaigns we develop for clients. Fundamental to all our marketing work is an:

  • ... in-depth understanding of our clients brands
  • ... the aims and objectives of each individual campaign
  • ... key insights into our clients target audience

It’s this approach, at the heart of our agency philosophy, that gives us the ability to develop marketing campaigns that deliver above expectation and maximise returns to the bottom line, both short and long term. Understanding brands and how they communicate with existing and new audiences is at the heart of our strategic approach.

Testament to this way of working is the continuing long-term relationships that RH has with the majority of our clients.

Database development

For over 20 years RH have been helping clients grow their databases and develop individual customer insight. 

RH have pioneered unique cross marketing and affinity programmes developing rewarding long term relationships with complementary brands and their databases. We assist clients in developing their communication and acquisition strategies, on and offline. 

RH also employ various tools to assist clients in profiling their data and run our own in-house e-mail software programme for creative and cost effective email campaigns.


Insight is at the heart of RH’s strategic approach. We use many qualitative research techniques to enable us develop audience understanding, test communication strategies and propositions plus creative treatments.  

Campaign evaluation is a major part of pre and post campaign analysis. 

RH has long-term relationships with a range of research companies depending on the brief and sector.