Talking about creativity is always difficult. If the creative process could be defined by rules and described by rigid definitions there would be a computer programme that would create marketing communications. Luckily (for us) there are no golden rules that anyone can follow; we still need that indefinable spark only an ideas person can bring to the party.

An ideas culture runs right through RH, but it's here in our creative department that this spark becomes reality.

We’re proud of the work here, not only because it’s good on a creative level (yes, it has won awards), but also, more importantly, very effective in producing results.

From online adverts to printed literature, roadside posters to cinema films we are constantly looking at ways to stand out, draw attention and start a process. This process can vary from a simple purchase decision, where to go on holiday, which pet food to buy – to bigger, more important instances like changing people’s behaviours or picking where to go to university.

Design, art direction and copywriting aren’t things you should entrust to non-specialists, the production of your communication material is too important to leave to chance.