ItsYourStory - Personalised Childrens Books

The Brief

ItsYourStory are an independent creator and seller of personalised children’s books.

Typically for the retail sector, demand for ItsYourStory’s personalised books peak around specific seasonal periods – such as Christmas. However, there was strong potential to develop their customer base further and market their books on a tactical basis to parents and families throughout the year. 

Our Solution

RH worked with our client to identify new audiences and opportunities to market their personalised books throughout the year. Initial research showed that, as well as children’s birthdays and holidays, there was great potential to market the books as a gift for Father’s and Mother’s Days.

As an e-commerce based retailer, digital marketing channels represented most efficient and measurable advertising opportunities. RH employed a programmatic Social Media advertising campaign, allowing us to fluidly identify the parents of young children in the lead up to key dates and drive e-commerce transactions.

Audience targeting was continually evolved in real-time, and the immediate impact on sales lead to the scale and size of the campaign to be increased several times in order to maximise revenue.

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