Cornish Mutual - Lightweight adaptive website

The Brief

Cornish Mutual, a leading insurance company in the South West, commissioned RH Partners to redesign and develop their website after a competitive pitch.

Their brief was wide ranging and included the provision of a responsive design suitable for low bandwidth connections, prominent use of lifestyle imagery, and integration of several technical features such as video, web-chat and an interactive insurance calculator. 

Our Solution

The site was built using a design suitable for low bandwidth connections (adaptive), meaning that the content and structure will load according to the device used by the user. This method encourages a greater emphasis on the main body of the page.

All pages include optimised elements such as structured headings, correctly implemented metadata and breadcrumb trails to aid a visitor's navigation through the site.

Key calls to action were also used in prominent positions to facilitate the desired user journeys. Items of lesser importance are demoted to the side of the page, and are stripped out entirely on mobile devices, to provide a simple, clean browsing experience across different devices and orientations.

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