RH boost international offering with new partnership

Submitted by Tom Ritchie on

Devon-based Advertising Agency RH Partners Advances into China

RH Partners, the award-winning advertising and Google Partner Agency has enjoyed a great start to 2016. The Exeter-based company has partnered with Blue Logic, a Dubai-based data and technology specialist to offer clients a range of media buying services direct into China.

China’s e-commerce market is incredibly lucrative and highly sought after by Western advertisers. The fragmented nature of China’s social media world, coupled with the different search engines often proves an issue for companies trying to engage with Chinese consumers. However, the partnership between RH Partners and Blue Logic will enable RH to offer its clients solutions to target consumers in this vast and ever-growing economy.

Our digital team constantly trial and adopt new advertising platforms to service the evolving needs of our clients, in increasingly desirable overseas markets. Our partnership with Blue Logic is an exciting extension to our global capability and a fantastic addition to our in-house expertise” said Tom Ritchie, RH’s Head of Digital.

China has the world’s largest number of internet users with over 513* million people regularly logging on and the state operates very differently to its Western counterparts. Due to censorship issues with Google, China uses alternative search engines and Baidu commands the majority of market share.

Social media also operates differently. Platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all subject to censorship. However, despite this, China has the world’s most active social media environment with over 300 million users spending at least 40% of their browsing time on social media sites such as Qzone, Weibo and RenRen.

James Welch, Managing Director of Blue Logic, says “We have been a part of the Asian digital media landscape for several years. As such, our team has an in-depth knowledge of the market and speaks Mandarin. We are proud to provide RH Partners and its clients with our expertise. “

In addition to media buying capability, the partnership with Blue Logic also enables RH Partners to provide Chinese translation services.

“We are delighted to offer clients a route into the vastly lucrative Chinese market. Universities looking to attract Chinese students and those offering luxury goods and services are just two examples of how our partnership with Blue Logic will present unrivalled opportunities’ said Paul Ridgers, Managing Director of RH Partners. 

The new partnership complements RH’s global digital media offering. The agency’s digital media spend in Europe and the Far East has increased significantly over the last five years.